Email Migration to Google Workspace (formally G-Suite)

Migrating to Google Workspace or G-Suite as it used to be called can be done with zero downtime and no loss of data.

You’ll keep all of your existing email addresses and migration can be done from any existing platform including IMAP or POP mail servers as well as other cloud based providers.

Benefits of Google Workspace

Accesible from any location

Sign into your email from any web browser and have easy access to your email, regardless of the computer you are using.

Anti-Spam And Anti-Malware Protection

Protect yourself and your business from unwanted and malicious emails. Googles spam filtering is one of the best.

Works Well On both Mac & Windows

Windows or MacOS, Android or iOS, Google Workspace works well on any device. 





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Migration Details

No Downtime

Migrations are done in such a way, that will be no downtime, emails will simply stop being delivered to your old email provider, and start arriving in Google.

No Lost Emails

All of your existing emails will be transferred as part of the changeover.

Folders & Signatures Migrated

Included in the migration is the trasnfer of all your existing folders and any signatures you may have.