Website Rebuilds

Our website rebuilds are designed for clients who have and existing website that only needs a refresh.  This might be because your branding has been updated, you’ve added or removed services, or you’d like added functionality.  This is also suitable if you’d like more control over your website but  it’s built on a platform that isn’t particularly user friendly or your existing web developer doesn’t let you make changes yourself. Lexicom can help.

We can clone your existing website and create a WordPress site. This means it will look and function identically to you existing site, but you can edit it yourself and it also means you won’t be locked in to any one provider (including us).

Some platforms we can migrate sites from include:

  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Weebly

About our websites

You can expect all of our websites to include certain elements by default.

Full Client Access

There's no gate-keeping at Lexicom.  You will have full access to your website to allow you to edit it as required. We'll happily provide training on request if you need help.

Search Engine Optimisation

All sites follow industry standards and are submitted to Google for indexing. This includes  correct page titles and meta descriptions, user friendly URLs and image optimisation.

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites will work on any modern mobile device including phones, tablets and iPads. 80% of internet users use a mobile device to browse the web so a mobile friendly site is essential to the user experience.

Wordpress Built

Wordpress is an open source platform which means you're not locked into any one provider (including us). It offers a great degree of flexibility should your website grow and change in the future.