Work Remotely

Below are some options for businesses wanting staff to work remotely. For a temporary solution, consider using remote access software.

For a more permanent solution, consider migrating to a cloud based solution like Microsofts Office 365 or G-Suite for Business.

Remote Access Software

Products such as TeamViewer or even Chrome Remote Desktop are useful in that they allow remote access to another computer without any complex configuration or set up.

Chrome Remote Desktop

In the case of Chrome Remote Desktop, a google accout is required for set up. Once installed, all that is required to access the remote computer is to log in to the google account, visit the Chrome Remote access website where you’ll be able to access your other computer.
Detailed instructions from Google:


TeamViewer is another great option for remote access. It’s equally easy to set up as Chrome Remote Access and has a greater set of features but does require paying a subscription fee for commercial users.
More info on TeamViewer:

Cloud Based Solutions

These solutions will change how your business will operate now and in the future. Careful consideration should be taken before migrating to either of the products listed below.

Having said that, both products bring many benefits to a business and will most likely save you money long term.

G-Suite for Business

Google provides a very simple set up the “just works” for both business email and cloud based storage for business data.

Key features:

  • Gmail for business – your business email within the Gmail platform
  • Google Drive & Drive File Stream – online storage for files
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides – powerful cloud based document editting

Cost: $20 per user/month
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Microsoft Office 365

Aimed at larger businesses, Office 365 offers more options and flexibility but with a slightly more complex set up. Great for businesses that rely on Office apps such as Outlook, Word and Excel as Office 365 integrates well with these products and offers subscriptions that include these apps.

Key features:

  • Exchange online business email
  • Online apps for Word, Excel & Outlook
  • OneDrive and SharePoint for cloud based file storage.

Cost: from $7.60 per user/month
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