Yellow Pages Email Server Settings

Yellow Pages New Zealand resell a hosted email solution provided by OpenSRS. Below you’ll find server details, as well as a link to the OpenSRS page that provides guides on how to set up your email for each common platform.

Incoming (IMAP):

Server: OR
Port: 993

Outgoing (SMTP):

Server: OR
Port: 587 (TLS only)

Username: Your full email address including your domain name

Password: Your password

NOTE: Depending on which email cluster you are hosted on, your incoming and outgoing server could be either of the above. The easiest way to establish which one you should use, is to attempt to log in to the webmail portal at each location. Whichever one you succesfully log into is the cluster you should use. Links below:

Cluster A:

Cluster B:


More information can be found here: